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  Susan’s Rant – Week of March 1st

Proud American 

Patriot is ‘one who loves, supports and defends one’s country’.  Now it is hip and cool to attack politics and government.  That’s fine, but all and all, the United States still is the best place to live on earth.  Where else can a half-breed like me talk about what the hell I want and not get persecuted? Well, not yet, anyways.

One of my friends, who travels and lives abroad, was amazed when she came back to the US right after 9/11.  She said she was appalled by the ‘grotesque show of patriotism, as if Wal-mart was handing out American flags on ever street corner.’ 

 ‘Which embassy do you go to when a war breaks out in a foreign country?  Oh yeah, that’s right, the US embassy.  Be grateful to have the right to be a convenient American, now wave your Wal-mart American flag.’ I said.

Some intellectuals like to attack Bush and the way he runs the country.  The simple truth is that most Americans don’t care about politics until you raise their taxes and they see it deducted in their paycheck.  I respect George W. Bush wanting to be the CEO/President of the United States.  I may not agree with all of his policies but this is a TOUGH job.

Look at what happen to Bill Clinton.  When he first got into office he was a good lookin’ playa then after two terms as President, he aged 20 years and had a heart attack. Hillary’s revenge worked.

If someone asks me what ‘I am’ I always say that ‘I am an American.’ I know that the answer they really want is my race origin. I have my standard speech prepared:

 ‘I’m half Asian and half white, that makes me Double White.  Asians are the NEW white people. Asians have better jobs, marry better, we are BTW, Better Than Whites and you are not going to see any Asians in jail, unless they are hanging out with Mexicans and Blacks.’

I would love to see the day when every US citizen can simply answer ‘American’ first and not by religion or race i.e. ‘I’m Christian, Jewish, White, Black, Asian, or Double-White.’

In a day and age, when having a status symbol German or Japanese car is cool, I will ALWAYS stick with my favorite American produced (well a majority of the parts are anyways), the Ford Taurus.  The Ford Taurus is what I own (quite a few years old) and my first car rental choice.  My ‘Better Than Whites’ mother’s opinion of my car:

‘Big car for big girl, Mommy like.’

Susan Alexander, an American comedian, driving an American car.

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