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  Susan’s Rant – May 2006

Guilty Pleasure 

The time has come for me to admit I love the forbidden and the red-headed bastard of entertainment, Astrology. I love the fact that I don’t have to be accountable.

Addiction starts slowly and takes years. Pre-Internet days, I would just check the local papers for my horoscope, Scorpio. Nobody gets hurt and I feel a little excited for the next day’s reading.

Then the day comes when you find yourself in a bookstore and start meandering to the astrology section with the hippies and homeless people. Curious to watch a few of the people that do a drive by and just glance at the books then leave. They did not want to be associated with people who would believe in such non sense but would grab a book of the shelf. Yeah, that was me. 

Astrology is the new porn, everyone reads it but no one admits it. There are two basic categories of astrology, the spiritual advisors who are allowed on Oprah to promote their books and the trailer park version of Ms. Cleo/Dionne Warwick Psychic friend’s network.

Under the disguise of the world spiritual advice, astrologers are welcomed in the media but once the word psychic is mentions images of charlatans and fraud news stories start to appear. The spiritual advisors can charge more than the average $5 palm reader on the street. In fact, spiritual advisors clients include well-known entertainers and sports figures. One of the status symbols of success is having your own spiritual advisor, which I hope to have one day.

Once in awhile my friends and I would go to get a psychic reading as entertainment and an inexpensive form of therapy.

Access to the Internet allows for all types of astrology obsessions ranging from the average Western astrology to the Eastern/Chinese astrology. My philosophy is I do not go on a tarot card/psychic site that asks for a credit card since there are so many free sites that offer the same service.

Now I like my psychic/astrology advice the old fashion way, by shaking the Magic Eight Ball until it says, ‘It is certain.’

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