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Susan’s Rant – Week of August 1st

Takes a Village  

I am leaving my heart, baggage and homophobia in San Francisco. Living in this beautiful city for close to five years has been a great eye opening experience. During the dot com boom, many people over populated San Francisco looking for the fool’s gold of an IPO (initial public offering aka early retirement fund before thirty).

Going from searching for fool’s gold to now being the fool/clown on stage is what San Francisco will always mean to me. Being able to make people laugh is the best feeling I have ever experience and will keep on doing. It’s like having sex with a hundred people at one time. Fabulous!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to develop my comedy act in a very supportive stand-up community in San Francisco. Yes, the entertainment industry is competitive but I do believe that if you help enough people, you will help yourself. Hillary Clinton was right that it does take a village to succeed.

My village also includes my great group of old and new friends who supported me at my comedy shows and always give me positive encouragement. Luckily, the village I have stretches from San Francisco to New York City. After much thought and upcoming opportunities (stand-up comedy and special events…more details to come), I will be relocating back to NYC in a few months. In September, I will be hitting the road with my Singles Who Mingle™ program which is the first event to offer stand-up comedy and match making services to singles.

This is bittersweet for me since there are so many great people I have met in San Francisco and I love dearly.

If I owe you child support, please email me privately.

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