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  Susan’s Rant – September 2006


“Do you know what they call women who date men 7 years younger then they are?” asked my barely legal guy.
“Lucky?” I said.
“They call the women Cougars. So I guess that makes me a cub.” He said.

I have been called many names through my life and will be called more, but now I am under this Cougar label. The fact is that I like to date guys who are fun and do not have wives.

It’s not like I am cruising around high school football games for young boys or raising a stepchild and marrying them like Woody Allen.

Ironic is not just an Alanis Morrisette song but what is happening to me dating this younger guy. I worked in the video game industry for a few years and never really played video games. Now, I am learning to work a controller/joystick to play the latest Xbox games with my cub. We even went to this arcade for adults and kids called Dave and Busters which actually was one of the best dates I ever had. Here I am playing House of Dead and other shooter games which seem to be my preference because of control issues.

So what if he does not know the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, he has only been the legal drinking age for one year. Most of the men I dated that knew the different types of wine were mostly sexually confused anyway. What I do miss dating guys my age is that they usually have their own apartments and not living in their parent’s basement. On the positive side, the cub has his own entrance to his room and his parents make killer coffee in the morning.

My new outlook is that I am embracing my new label as a Cougar and will become a responsible example. So ladies, don’t worry about me taking your husbands but watch out for your sons.

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