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  Rant Archive 2004:

December 1st - 'Tis The Season
What do Kwanza, Hanukkah and Christmas all have in common?  Matchmakers GONE WILD. Everyone from friends to manicurists have a ‘great guy or girl’ for the single pal who is doomed to walk the earth alone. 

November 1st -
Jury Duty
The great equalizer of Americans is not death or taxes, but Jury Duty.  In one day, US citizens from different ethnic and social backgrounds meet in one room for eight hours with the same goal, to be excused. Read more...

October 1st - Does Size Matter?
Depends on what you are talking about. In sex, yes it does. In actual shapes of people I guest it depends on the person. My friends who are petite want to have larger breasts and my friends who are carrying around extra weight want to wear those low-rider pants. No one is ever happy. Read more...

August 30th - Men
Being in my early thirties and dating feels like I'm going on a merry-go-round of first job interviews. After I speak with a guy for five minutes, I already know if I want a relationship with him. Read more...

August 2nd - Human Race
There is one word so powerful that it instigates arguments almost each time the word is mentioned......RACE. The two general meanings for race when being used as a noun would mean either 'descendants of common ancestors' or 'a competition'.Read more...

June 28th - My Creator
My family settled down in Carlisle, Pennsylvania when I was 10 years old.  Carlisle is known for Jim Thorpe and the largest annual Auto Show in the country.  I liked growing up in a small town and in general everyone was pretty friendly.Read more...

June 14th - Ode to My Father
For the past four years, May has always been a bittersweet month for me. May 21st marks my father’s departure from Earth even though his spirit is with me every day.Read more...
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