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Rant Archive 2006

September - Cougarland

I have been called many names through my life and will be called more, but now I am under this Cougar label. The fact is that I like to date guys who are fun and do not have wives.

August - On The Range

For the first time ever I held a large black object in my hands. It was scary and exciting at the same time. I was finally going to shoot a gun.

July - Skunk Killing

Summertime is killing season in the suburbs, especially when skunks live under your house. On a mission to not ruin my friend’s upcoming barbeque season or any reason to drink outside, we took a consensus on how to kill the skunk living under her front step. Read more...

June -

Between comedy gigs and events, I freelance back in the corporate world. My new freelance gig requires me to spend some time in the great city of Philadelphia. Read more...

May - Guilty Pleasure

The time has come for me to admit I love the forbidden and the red-headed bastard of entertainment, Astrology. I love the fact that I don’t have to be accountable. Read more...

April -
Long Way Home

Walking around Times Square I see all types of men in their military uniforms and I think of my dead dad. My mother hates when I call my father ‘dead dad’ but it makes me laugh and it would have made him laugh. Read more...

March - Bossy Boots

Kids are just gay men in disguise. Both always chanting “look at me, look at me.” Instead of watching wife beater Lifetime movies and the Law and Order marathons, one Sunday I volunteered to baby sit my friend’s kids. Really, I wanted to see if I even had those breeder instincts inside me. Read more...

February - Diving In

Moving into a new neighborhood in New York City allows me a new adventure, to explore new dive bars. Read more...

January - Breeders

“It’s a boy!” The subject line in my brother and sister-in-laws email said. The email also included sonograms. This means I have pictures of an unborn baby saved on my desktop and a reminder that my brother beat me to breeding first. Read more...

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